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The anatomy of a successful service marketplace platform

service marketplace website

Hoopla and unprecedented worries of accomplishing a project which belongs to any realm is all over now, with coming up of powerful service market place platforms like Thumbtack, and Taskrabbit. The growth in this sector directly points to one general fact: there is no better time than this to become an entrepreneur. Perhaps it is the best time to invest your money on a service market place platform, and here comes the importance of relying on a script such as Thumbtack clone or Taskrabbit clone for the creation of successful service market place websites. For developing a website or else an application connected to this domain, you must be perfectly aware of the behavior or anatomy of a service market place platform. Let us read it here.

The business model it signifies   

As a business person, you must be quite sure of the service market place business model you need to promote. Users should get ample space for  posting of their requirements based on any goods as well as services, and freelancers should also receive the same options for visiting the related postings and go for a best possible quote.

Rich money making options

A good service marketplace platform may comprise of multiple money making options for webmasters, freelancers, as well as users linked with it. The potential money making chances will be in the form of space for advertisements and other commission options. It includes ad captcha, ad banners, membership fee, project listing fee, and bidding commission so on. The benefit of a market place business model for users is that they get the projects done quickly in less amounts. Freelancers earn money from every approved project.

Arrange contents wisely on the online page

From the home page to the feedback forum,a market place website should be arranged perfectly. Include necessary details that are minimal and easy to read out. Every web page linked to the website should be superior in navigation, and interface. All categories listed in the application should be useful, and free from confusion. Users who visit the web page must get the idea of websites immediately, and web pages must not hit high bounce rates. Every visitor including freelancers, employers, or clients, should meet their requirements. Exclusive, simple, and tempting content is another vital aspect which can lead a market place platform to attain great business verticals.

Additional requirements

An excellent marketplace platform stands out in terms of payment modes it supports, and keeps crystal clarity in everything it exhibits. It will offer space for users to add the time specifications for completing a project, displays live availability of professionals, and freelancers connected to it, and ultimate privacy options. Most of the platforms are backed by live chatting options. Social media integration and even live video chatting options adds the convenience of every user. Another vital aspect a service marketplace platform must offer are providing of through billing history, ample search options, and it should provide premium services for users who goes for it. It should be free from the hassles of membership creation, and listing process. These are some important things to look while launching a service marketplace.

Advanced in terms of technology 

The real success of a marketplace platform, either it is a Thumbtack clone or Taskrabbit clone depends largely on the technologies used in creating it. Cross platform support, rapid downloading and many other new technologies should be integrated into this business model for ensuring its durability.
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