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Working mechanism of Agriya’s Thumbtack clone script - Getlancer Quote

thumbtack clone script

The clone script works of Agriya are specially developed to gratify the needs of promising entrepreneurs to enter into the most successful industry with ease. Along the same lines, Agriya has developed an innovative ready-made script called Getlancer Quote, clone of the popular Thumbtack business model.

This Thumbtack clone script assists the entrepreneurs to establish their own multi-purpose service marketplace website quickly. To give you an in-depth analysis of the working mechanism of Agriya’s Getlancer Quote. Let’s split it into three broad classifications and get to know its clear working method.

Listing of local service works

This marketplace script makes your service marketplace website in such a manner that your site users can be both as professionals and as seekers. After the successful login, any users can effectively create a profile with the list of services are experts in availing.

They can explore their profile by giving all the necessary information about the services like description, address, photos, videos, audios, and FAQ. Once the listing is done, then its’ completely in the hands of the service seekers, the one who searches and opt for the professionals.

Searching of service providers’ in your site

Searching up the freelancers is very simple with the help of the Agriya’s Thumbtack clone. It provides you a wide array of options for the service seekers to choose from. It includes categories based searching, sorting option-popular, distance and newly added, advanced search, and browse all. With these options, the service seekers can find the right providers for completing their work.

Opting and Selecting the right professionals

Once the searching is finished the service seekers can select the professionals based on their convenience either by direct or indirect. It is the instance, called a direct lead, when the employer selects a particular service professional by sending a request and in turn receive a quote from them.

When the employer wishes to get the optimum quote with a multiple choice of quotes from the different professionals is known as Indirect lead. By this way, the employers can select the right freelancer to complete their work in an efficient manner.

Final word

This is how the Thumbtack clone script works efficiently. To learn about complete working mechanism, try the demo of Getlancer Quote. Make the effective use of this script to outperform in the service marketplace industry effortlessly.
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