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Perfect solution for building generic two sided marketplace

There are a number of marketplace scripts available in online to build two sided marketplace. The thumbtack clone script from Agriya is one of the best examples. It consists of excellent features, revenue and business model to create an effective two sided online marketplace. When choosing a marketplace script, you have to consider the following things,

Does the script allow me to create marketplace in any niche?

There are many niche markets focusing the service professionals. When starting up a marketplace, you should consider creating one for a specific niche. Going for a very general service marketplace may not help you in early stages. Only if you are unique, different and provide quality ideas and services to users, you will be able to withstand in this field. Focus on the specific niche such as home services, creative professional services, Tech related professional services etc.

Check whether you are getting all the existing features in popular service marketplace sites?

The major problem with many marketplace sites is that they doesn’t able to provide the existing features in popular websites like thumbtack or taskrabbit. Right from the payment gateways to features focusing the listing submission, service subscription, ratings, geo location based service listing etc. can only be configured if you get a clone of these popular websites.

Take a look whether the script got the option to market your site

The script should be SEO friendly and have the social security verification feature. It is important that you are visible to the search engine when creating a service marketplace site. The SEO friendly options can help you to easily market your site. Also you should have the option to take an extended analysis about the site. Make sure you got special analytics for your site in the script.

This article would be helpful in your marketplace creation, 5 Actionable Strategies To Build Two-Sided Online Marketplace. Once you are ready to go, consider taking this thumbtack clone script for your two sided marketplace, Taskrabbit Clone from Agriya

Source: Steven Hendricks Answer for a Quora question.
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