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4 important aspects to check when launching and structuring your online service marketplace

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While it may not be very difficult for you to start up an online service marketplace, it is strictly important that you check some of the aspects when structuring and launching your online service marketplace, which allows consumers to hire service professionals in their own locality. Since your prime motive is to attract users to your website, you should keep in mind the user needs.

Apart from that, for you to become a profit making entrepreneur, ensuring that your website's reach is far and wide is important. Though a large number of people are ready to sell services on your site, and even bigger number of people are showing interest in seeking services via your site, it is important that you market your site and grab monopoly in the online service marketplace industry. 

4 important aspects to check when launching and structuring your online marketplace

Picking the right script for building your website

To power your website, you need a script, and this is where many entrepreneurs feel challenged. Contrarily, it isn't a challenge. Kudos to scripts like thumbtack clone. Hopefully, you need no introduction to Thumbtack, which has been the leader in the online services industry. The high-quality script, developed on the lines of Thumbtack, has won praises for its ability to create an elegant online services marketplace easily.

Cutting-edge features, coupled with great designs, can really work wonders for your website. All features and designs form an integral part of the script, and hence it is pertinent that you go for a right script. Plus, the script with a great functionality, performance, and navigation forms another important aspect.

Choosing the right Niche

As the industry grows, many players make an entry. While catering to all kinds of services is wonderful, it would also be worthy to cater to specific segments. No need to get caught in a dilemma on whether to go broad-based or Niche. The aspect of choosing your niche forms the crux of your final success. If you opt for going the niche way, there are many. A host of Home services or few services like babysitters, handymen, mechanics, laundry, music classes, tutoring, etc can become your niche. Health services, hospitality, food, and beverages can also be considered. 

Right marketing strategies

How to grow your service marketplace website? It's yet another must considering aspect. However, the script that creates your website has to contain inbuilt marketing strategies like SEO-friendly approach. Much to your delight, features like meta-data management, robots.txt and pro SEO URL'S in the Thumbtack clone contribute in promoting your website.

You also need to promote your website like a pro. Leverage the power of social media. Include E-mail marketing, blogging, etc as part of your strategy. 

Right pricing strategies

Right pricing is important to attract service seekers your website. Ensuring that the services offered on your site are affordable is important. Let there be services that are offered at low price, moderate price, and higher price, allowing the service seeker to decide on. Coming to payments made on your site by the task seeker to the service provider, it is important that you charge your commission optimally and competitively by taking into account the percentage charged by your rival websites. 


Hard work, coupled with smart strategies, will certainly bring success for you in the online services industry. It is important that you plan accordingly, giving importance to every factor that plays a role in your venture's success. 

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