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What is the best way to create an online marketplace?

Now it has become easy for the entrepreneurs to start their own online marketplace with increasing number of web development agencies and developers. Whether it is a product or service based marketplace, an individual has a number of advantages in creating the web start up. There are many hosting providers serving out for your commercial web hosting requirements at minimal prices. All that you have to do find a tech savvy web developer or agency to take shape of your online marketplace. Even there are clone scripts which provide more features and functionality than the original marketplace website.  Lets set up your marketplace, before that just take a look at these things.

So, what should be my initial preferences?

What ever you want to buy or sell, it would come under a specific niche say like electronics, fashion, home made products, retails products etc. Either you can go with a particular niche or name it under a collective group. You just have to find your target market and the customer. This would give you much more insight about the mindset and the expectation of that customer. You can design the sites with layouts and designs that will allow the customer to go through the site in a natural flow. 

Next, how to host my marketplace?

For any website, you need a perfect hosting provider. Especially for the e-commerce/marketplace platforms should not go down at any time. It should be active 24/7 with out any lag. Choose the right hosting provider who can host you in a server and provide better e-commerce services. Don't get fixed with a particular provider, go away and inquire several provider for their fee structure and services. 

Do I have a business plan?

The main thing in creating a marketplace is the stability of your business plan. You should set proper goal, vision and the revenue model to earn from the website. There should be a proper research and vision required to build a smart and effective business. You can either build one or follow the existing business model.

How do I create the marketplace website?

I would recommend to make use of the clone scripts for building online marketplace. It's easy and doesn't require inputs and ideas to start from the scratch. All that you are going to do is customize the required features and functionality. Even that customization process are done at a small fee from the script provider. 

Where do I find marketplace clone script?

There are number of clone script providers in internet like Agriya, Ncrypted, Apptha, Contus, Technoduce, Cogzideal etc. You can choose from the best provider from that list. I would recommend you with this online marketplace script, TaskRabbit clone . If you are still looking why you should choose this, read this blog - 5 reasons to launch online marketplace using TaskRabbit clone

Source: Read original content from Steven Hendrick's Answer on Quora
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