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7 mistakes a service marketplace startup should avoid

marketplace mistakes to avoid

Running of marketplace services websites is set to emerge as the next big thing in the world of digital business. Right from gardening, plumbing, repairing of electronic goods to other handyman services, all services can be listed and sought on an online services platform. As an industry, it is fast catching up with that of product based eCommerce industry. And, only time will tell whether online services industry could overtake the product based eCommerce industry in terms of penetration and revenue.

Due to the fact that online services industry in growing at a faster pace, many startups see a lot of opportunities in it. If you have a great entrepreneurial spirit and  if you are gearing up to launch an online services marketplace website, then just go ahead. However, you should avoid some of the common mistakes that many entrepreneurs commit and should ensure that you choose the right online service marketplace software like taskrabbit clone to create your website. 

Below are some of the mistakes that you got to avoid.

7 mistakes an online service marketplace startup has to avoid

1. Compromising on your website's navigation

Having a poorly navigable website will cause so much frustration to your users, and it is sure that they will leave your website once and for all. Good website navigation means users should easily find what exactly they are looking for. High importance has to be given to categorizing the different types of services under different sections. Apart from that, restrict a web page to 2 to 3 colors and fonts, otherwise it would add to more confusion. 

2. No adequate payment options

When making the payments on your website, the customers should be given a wide range of choices. Else, they will simply close your website. As an owner of the online services website, you do not want that happen, right? So make no mistake in this regard. So, do ensure that your website has multiple payment gateways integrated. 

3. Taking Analytics lightly

Having no analytics for your online services platform gets you nowhere, seriously! Having analytics integrated to their website is ignored by a large number of startups. With the Google analytics integrated to your website, you will know how your website is performing, how many people are visiting, and so on. You can make some informed, timely decisions, and make required corrections by having Google analytics integrated.

4. Not having your website in a way it can be discovered online

Your website is amazing, it is easily navigable, has amazing features, but what use of it when it is not found in the search engine results? Will you get visitors? No, Not at all. To make your website trending, you must have it optimized. Be it content titles, images, descriptions or any other, they have to be search engine optimized. Getting it right in this aspect will drive more traffic to your online services platform. 

5. Not having social security verification

The service providers and service seekers get connected virtually. So, social security of each other cannot be compromised. Not having security verification can make users, especially service seekers apprehensive of utilizing the services of service providers. So, it is a must to have a social security verification of users. Ensure you have a feature that verifies Facebook, Paypal, Twitter and email accounts of service providers and seekers. 

6. Failing to have FAQs management

A service seeker may have many queries with regard to the service that is offered by the service provider. Not having FAQ management built-in in your online marketplace will lead you nowhere. So have an FAQ management that has predefined FAQ templates. Also, it is very necessary to give a choice for service providers to create their own FAQs. 

7. Choosing the wrong software for creating your online service marketplace website

Making a wrong move when choosing a ready-made software that can develop your online services platform will badly affect your success, profitability, and reputation. Take no chances. Go for a high quality, bug-free, customizable, user-friendly software like thumbtack clone which has been developed from the scratch and is modeled around the successful thumbtack platform. 
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