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How the Social Security Verification in a service marketplace website helps you in finding genuine professionals?

Agriya’s Thumbtack clone script acts as a world-class technology platform for a service marketplace website that enables business entrepreneurs to manage their own online markets in a seamless way. Our Taskrabbit clone script provides highly-confidential “Social Security Verification” in the marketplace website. Let us discuss it in detail. 

Why you need Social Security Verification in a service marketplace website?

Generally, Social Security Verification is followed by most of organizations and business service online supports to confirm that users or customers provided information that is associated with real-person identity. This feature is used by every service marketplace to verify genuine user online profile on their website and helps entrepreneurs to satisfy their KYC/AML requirements of their business needs.  It mainly increases user trust, loyalty, base, and completely reduce risk and fraud activities that results in huge revenue options.  This feature verifies Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Sudopay, and email accounts of the users and the service professionals in high secured confidential manner.  

Following key factors helps you to find a loyal or genuine professional in the service marketplace 
Building a loyalty platform 

Most of customers are attracted to your marketplace if they trust you. This factor plays a vital role to figure out of your real personality to make your company in an outstanding position. It builds a huge trust and a loyal relationship between the service experts and the users via effective medium of communication. If any question ask by user, then it is instantly answered that really makes the link or bond with the business.

Strengthening webmaster support

It helps the webmaster on how to get helpful information on various categories of the marketplace website via SEO, building site-map, link building, etc. This characteristic helps the webmaster in adding content to the profile page and reworks the settings of the account page in the marketplace website. The webmaster can manage various options that offer huge profit in the marketplace website by using the thumbtack clone script.

Social media presence on the service marketplace website

Most probably, service professionals are facing more difficulties to reach target user from the crowd. This aspect is a powerful medium to raise awareness of the marketplace script and adopts a strategic approach to drive a huge traffic for the service experts.


Especially the Social Security Verification in the service marketplace website use some social networking sites and Internet forums to hold spamming, illegal activities like scams, harassment and money bribes for your business security purpose. 
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