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Service Feedback

Agriya takes all the efforts to walk an extra mile and provide splendid solutions to kick start a website. It repeated it same tradition and launched the best thumbtack clone script. This script is the talk of the town since it has exceptional capabilities to launch a service marketplace websites in a short span of time. This script is embedded with leading-edge features and revenue options. Let’s see one of these features.

Services feedback's :

Feedback's are a source to know about the experience about the user. It acts s a real guide for other user’s ad well. So Agriya added a service feedback feature, which allows the users to post feedback's for the service professionals. This will also help the service provider to improve his quality of service and give a top-notch service.

Final word :

The features of marketplace-quotes are specially constructed to provide various amounts of benefits. There are a lot of multidimensional features like the above-mentioned features. Contact Agriya to know more about them.
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