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Facepile Feature For Thumbtack Clone

A remarkable concept has entered the online industry. It has provided a steady flow of success to various websites like Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, AirTasker and RedBeacon. Agriya assist you to take the complete advantage of this market. They have developed an extraordinary Thumbtack clone script which has outstanding features and exclusive revenue options. Let’s have a look at one of these features.

Facepile :

Users and service professionals can see their beloved friends in your website, if they have logged in to social media website on the same browser. This feature will help them to know that their friends are connected to your thumbtack clone website. This feature will not only enhance the user-friendliness of the website, but also gain the trust of the users.

Final word :

There are many more features will give an additional value to your service marketplace website. Contact Agriya to know more about “Marketplace-Quote”.
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