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Email Notification Alert For Thumbtack Clone

Online business has expanded its virtues from trading to services. It has become an excellent platform for users, service professionals and webmasters. They use the power of internet to manage time, handle their business and earn easily.
Analyzing this trend, Agriya stepped into the service marketplace industry and launched a unique thumbtack clone script. This script allows you to create a website which will connect the users and the service professionals.

Finding a service professional, who provides supreme quality of service, is a difficult task. The users of your website will search for various service professionals to manage time and get their work done at affordable prices. On the flip side, service professional will get a free online presence, market their services and get continuous lead from your website.

This script will not only help you to set up a thumbtack clone website, but also provide various SEO-friendly and business-friendly features. These features will add an additional level of functionality in your thumbtack clone website. Let’s see one of the features.

E-mail notification alerts :

The user and the service professionals receive email updates for various actions like payment transactions, invoices, quoting services, etc. He will also receive information from the webmaster. Whenever they receive an email, they are notified about it. This feature alerts the users and service professionals to check their email.

Final word :

The above-mentioned feature is a zest of Agriya’s service marketplace script. There are many such attractive features in this script. To know more about them, you can contact Agriya.
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