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Request a services - Thumbtack clone

Marketplace-Quote is an exclusive thumbtack clone script which takes service marketplace industry to the next level. It has the esteem capability to launch any kind of service marketplace website in a short span of time.

It has innovative features specially crafted for your users and exciting revenue models to provide multiple monetary benefits to you. Let’s see one of the most lucrative features of “Marketplace-quote”.

Quoting of services :

In Marketplace-Quote, service users can avail the services in any of the following two ways.

Direct Quote :

A user browses the website, finds an apt service professional and he request a quote from service professional directly.

Indirect quote :

A user fills a quote request form and the website fetches it’s requirements. Once it takes the requirements, it matches with the profiles present in the category of the service. So they can get several quote from all the service providers been registered with the site.

The advantage of this feature is that the service professionals get regular request of quotes and the users can choose affordable quotes of various service professionals.

Final word :

The above-mentioned feature is one of the most essential features required in service marketplace script. There are many such features in “Marketplace-Quote”. Contact Agriya to know about this script.
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