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Facebook Comment Feature For Thumbtack Clone

Marketplace-quote is a Thumbtack clone script which helps you to launch any kind of service marketplace website. It is the only Thumbtack clone script which allows the admin to create his revenue model. It has many attractive features and innovative revenue options. Let’s check one of the attractive features of this script.

Facebook comments :

These days social media reputation is very important. Facebook is one of the most engaging social media website. It not only helps you to build a reputation, but also helps you in attracting users to your website.

Agriya used the power of Facebook comments in “Marketplace-quote”.  If the service provider gets a good comment, it will build his reputation and trust. If he gets a bad comment, it will provide him an opportunity to correct his mistake. On the flip side, the webmasters will get more traffic from Facebook. 

Final word :

There are many such multi-beneficial features in Marketplace-quotes. Contact Agriya to know more about “Marketplace-Quote”.
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